Eve Of Grim-Chapter Two

Chapter two

Tracking the location of the call wasn’t easy. The site indicated an abandoned food preservation factory on 9th street. The Forensic team; Marylyn Weavers, Kayden briers. Teresa Paragani, a few officers, myself, and Santos entered through an opening on the south side of the building; Graffiti covered the walls of each corner. Broken bottles and debris on the ground, a couple stained mattresses. The air smelled of mold and piss.

Santos covered his nose with a handkerchief.

I pulled out a cigarette. Teresa looked over at me. I rolled my eyes at her, placing the cigarette back in the pack. Teresa looked over the landscape of the map of the factory. “I think we should split up into two teams; Detective Roe and I, along with officer Charles and Grant, will take the first floor. Detective Santos and Officer Taylor will take the second floor. Marylyn?”. Asked Teresa.
“Yes, Ma’am?” Asked Marylyn as she combed her hair back nervously with her fingers. Adjusting her glasses to see better.
“You will accompany us, Mr. Briers…You will join Detective Santos on the second floor”, announced Teresa. We broke up into our groups and started our investigation.
I knew Teresa wanted to resume questioning me, this situation opened a door for her to ask whatever she wanted, and I was subjected to a non-consensual mental examination by a woman who reminded me of my mother.
Our footsteps echoed through the hallway. Teresa walked ahead of me, gun in hand. I began lighting a cigarette. Teresa stopped abruptly, “Detective Roe, is it possible for you to wait until we are done to soothe your addictions?”. Teresa said. The annoyance in her voice made me chuckle.
“If you are going to solicit a continuance of the interrogation back at the station, at least allow me this,” I stated. I held my eye contact with Teresa longer than I wanted. But I needed to establish that she wouldn’t gain anything from me today. There was so much I didn’t know, and I could hear the accusations in her voice as if I had something to do with everything going on.
“I had no intention of soliciting any interrogation. It’s not a part of the protocol. Not to mention the possible serial killer we might be dealing with. I simply asked… “Teresa stated. Teresa was interrupted by an unknown person running past the entryway of a room. “Stop right there! FBI!” Teresa shouts as she runs after the suspect. Everyone, including myself, ran behind her.
I was abruptly interrupted by a noise of quiet laughter behind me. I stopped and turned to see where it was coming from.
“Johnny…I missed you…”, Victoria whispered in the darkness of the hallway. She came out of the dark. Flashbacks of our past flooded my mind. I had buried our memories together deep in my mind to protect myself from destruction.
Victoria began walking towards me,” Vic…How? I thought…” I stumble on the words, frozen. Victoria’s face looked pale, and her eyes were black, with dark circles under her eyes. Victoria’s black hair, I knew back then, wasn’t braided but now loose and white. Every second I looked away from her, Victoria seemed closer. As if her footsteps made no sound. I wanted to move away from her, but I couldn’t move my feet. Instead, Victoria smiled at me, her eyes drew me in like a black hole, and I was powerless.
Victoria began running her fingers down my chest, moaning softly as she grazed the outline of my chest.
“I could just eat you up…” Victoria says, whispering into my ear seductively. She nuzzled my nose, and I felt an animalistic feeling growing in my stomach. Victoria kissed my lips softly, pushing that feeling to explode. I pressed her against the hallway’s dirty walls, aggressively pressing my groin against her. Debris shuffled around our feet. Victoria’s moan echoed as her back hit the wall. “Same ole Johnny, Jumping into danger… You’ll never learn, will you…”, Victoria says, grinning sinisterly. I slowly felt my paralysis ease away as I looked down at her grinning teeth. Two sharp canine teeth poked out of her mouth.
I suddenly felt the need to break away from her. I attempted to move away from her, but Victoria was more substantial than me now. Victoria pulled me back closer to her, pushing me into the dilapidated wall. “What’s wrong?” Asked Victoria, I felt immense pressure on my shoulder. It felt like the whole building shook as my back hit the wall. She held me so tightly that I couldn’t move. Near where we stood, there was a window boarded up. Sunlight shined through the cracks of the boards. I could see the outline of her perky breasts; they were cupped together in a black lace bra. She pressed them on my chest. Nuzzling my neck, slightly sniffing like a hungry wolf. Victoria ran her dagger-like nails down the veins of my neck. “You have been a naughty boy, Johnny. I smell that whore on you….” Says Victoria devilishly.
I looked away, ashamed, and back at Victoria, “What happened to you, Vic? How are you here? I saw you in the casket….” I asked the questions I never thought I would ask. I struggled to get it out of her hands. I felt death creeping in on me, in the shadows. I looked over to my right of me. The dark hooded figure I saw that night stood silently grinning at me.
Victoria was still looking at me with her black hollow, hungry eyes. “Always so curious…”, Victoria says, still holding me tightly against the wall. I felt the crumbling of the drywall loosening behind me. She began shaking her head,” no!” Victoria says, struggling to contain the hunger that was eating at her insides. “You smell so delicious!” She opened her mouth wide; two canine teeth, as sharp as needles, stuck out of her mouth. Victoria licked her lips and moaned. Shaking her head, gripping me tighter. I let out an agonizing pain cry.
“Vic, if you are still the Victoria, I know. Please let me go, so I can help you… please…Vic!” I said as I held back the pain that was increasing. Victoria began to shiver, head shaking.
“NO, I won’t do it!” Victoria shouted at herself. The hooded figure in the corner began to back into the shadows, disappearing from my sight.
A gunshot banged, and Victoria suddenly released me. But hadn’t taken her eyes off me. She looked angry, “Hands in the air!”, Shouted Teresa as she pointed her gun at Victoria. Victoria looked over at Teresa, Grinning amusingly. She began walking toward Teresa. Teresa aimed her weapon at the boarded-up window. Shooting down a few boards, releasing a beam of sunlight into the hallway. As the sunlight hit Victoria, Victoria cried out in pain. Victoria gripped her hand as it started to sizzle and bruise. Victoria hissed at Teresa like a feral cat, exploding into a black cloud of smoke. The smoke dissipated, and Victoria was gone.

To Be Continued…

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