Eve Of Grim-Chapter Seven

By Leilani Raven Katen

Warning! Explicit sexual content! 18+

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Victoria Nanoe Anuruk/EVE

“Hello, Adam,” I muffled, releasing my mouth off from the meal of the day. I wiped my mouth with my arm—blood-covered pink lace undergarments, smiling up at Adam.

Adam looked not surprised by what he had walked in on. He dragged the bodies out of the way.”I thought we agreed we weren’t going to use our names…” Adam says, scolding me. He ripped a piece of cloth off of a corpse lying around nearby. Adam walked over, stepping over puddles of blood to get to me.

I sat crossed-legged on the hotel bed of a room we took over. Their pheromones tasted elevated. They were delicious. 

I looked over at Adam as he piled the bodies in the corner.  

I remember the first day we consummated our eternal love affair—lush vegetation and wildlife. Garden of Eve was our home, greenery, and nature. Adam was quite upset when god placed us in limbo. God was unreasonable. Lucy got the title of the ruler of the underworld, and we got the boot, eternal life, and hunger for blood, but that’s beside the point. I’m enjoying eternal life, and the desire for blood can sometimes be inconvenient, but we manage. There’s so much to eat here on earth. The homo-sapiens keep advancing their technologies. After emerging from the cave, we were surprised by the change. 

“We need to get out of here. It’s starting to smell…” He says, breaking me from my thoughts. Adam looked at me with frustration-filled eyes and placed his hands on his hips. I remember that look when arriving at the limbo, a forest built on a scheme of hunt versus hunted. We spent the time persuading other monsters like ourselves to join our cause. Adam was becoming very good at convincing others to follow him. But he still had that same look on his face. Adam was disappointed in me. 

He was right. I am impulsive. “But we just got here!” I shouted. The window shook as if a tiny earthquake had hit the room. 

He looked at me in disbelief, ” We wouldn’t have to move around so much if you would stop eating!”. He complained, bursting every lightbulb on every lamp and light fixture in the room. 

I broke into a crying fit, and the symbols on my body began to show and move in a wave-like motion around my body. ” You hate me, don’t you?! You wish you could get rid of me! Don’t you?!” I shouted, and the building shook. I ran towards the door, and suddenly Adam appeared in front of me, wrapping his arms around my waist and hugging me tightly. Blood stained his shirt. I continued to cry, laying my weight in his arms. My legs dangled.

” Never…I would never get rid of you…” He whispers in my ear. Adam continued, ” I’m sorry. I know I am so hard on you. But you are making it hard for me to protect you. Lucifer gave us specific instructions, and if we don’t do what he asked, we will end up back in limbo. Do you want that?” Adam asks, putting me down, cupping my cheek in his hand while keeping a hand on my waist. 

“No…” I say, shaking my head. I quickly wrapped my arms around his hips. “I’m sorry too. I really can’t control myself. I need your help, Adam, I mean Dillian,” I said. Calling him a different name frustrated me. But I knew it would make him happier if I listened and did what he asked. 

“I will help you. It will take getting used to. Lucifer only gave you part of your powers back because he didn’t think you could handle it. but I believe you can.” So he says, assuring me that he still had faith in me. 

Adam began to kiss my cheek and then down to my neck. Then, Adam slowly moved to my shoulders. Adam pulled me into a cloud of ecstasy, “I will follow you wherever you go…I am yours always,” I said, leaning into Adam as our lips danced and twirled. Then, we moved to the blood-stained bed, a finger laid on the pillow. Adam quickly smiles and throws it to the ground. Adam placed my head on a pillow as he pulled off his shirt. I observed the curves of his new body. The roundness of his buttocks when he slipped off his pants. The bulge of his cock as his underwear hit the floor. 

Adam continued by kissing my right ankle, all the way up to my thighs. Adam brought his pointer and middle finger into his mouth, wetting them as he kept eye contact with me. Next, Adam moved his two wet fingers up and down my clit, slowly teasing me. I wanted him so badly. I let out an agonizing moan, ” Do it! ” I screamed. Adam then eases his fingers inside of me. Instant wetness dripped down his arm. We traded places. Adam laid on the bed, his giant pulsating cock standing high in the air. I licked the tip of it and then down to the rim. I placed my lips around his cock; I moved up and down, moving my tongue in a circular motion. The tip of his cock hit the back of my throat as Adam held my head, pushing my head down and up, giving me direction. Using my mouth as his fuck toy, his cock slipped in and out of my mouth. We floated off the bed, hovering above the blood-stained spring mattress. The clock on the nightstand stopped ticking, and we drifted away. 

I climbed on top of Adam, grinding his cock onto my clit; wetness from my feminine folds helped me move easier. Finally, Adam leaned his head back, gripping my buttocks. I knew he was building an immense amount of pressure. His hard cock, produces heat so hot as a heated iron bar held over a blazing fire. An ordinary woman would instantly die from the heat. 

I gripped his cock and eased it inside of me. Images of our past lives flooded in. Drums banged rhythmically to our carnal desire. Adam and I moved as one, swaying back and forth. Adam pulled me even closer. I felt his cock deeper inside me, pushing me over the edge. An explosion of his cock filled my pussy, dripping instantly out of me. As sweat dripped off our bodies, Adam held on to me tightly. 

I caught an image of what looked like me, but only eyes sunken in, breathing heavy, staring at me angrily. Then, finally, I realized it was Victoria, gripping her stomach. “Get the fuck out of my body!” She shouts, breaking Adam and my connection, dropping us onto the bed.

 Suddenly a knock at the door, ” Open up! LAPD!”. Adam instantly transported us out of the hotel room seconds before the police broke down the door. 

To be continued

“Sex is emotion in motion.”

Mae West

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Published by Leilani Raven Katen

Leilani Raven Katen, born in Fort Rucker, Alabama. Growing up on the Island of Maui. Leilani has Written multiple Children books; The Nameless Girl & The Lonely Alligator, The Noisy Goat, The Dolly Witch Sisters. Leilani writes in numerous genres; Horror being her most favorite. She currently lives in San Diego, California.

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