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Grim Adventures-EVE Of Grim- Leilani Raven Katen

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Eve Of Grim-Chapter Eight (Part One)


Rating: 1 out of 5.



Eve Of Grim-Chapter Eight (Part One)





Detective Roe (present)



I needed to clean up and grab a couple of things before we headed for an hour-long drive. Gregory started to annoy me when we went to my place. Finally, Gregory stuck his head out from the backseat, “Might I use your bathroom?.” He asked, smiling.

Teresa had pulled an all-nighter, so she was passed out in the front seat. I slipped my black leather jacket off and laid it on her. I turned around to face him,” No, I’ll be out in a few minutes…” I said, turning back around, shaking my head. I hadn’t been home for a couple of days. I wasn’t ready for guests. But, unfortunately, I also forgot to put away some takeout. It probably smelled of rotten Chinese food.

Gregory kept making noises in the backseat, trying to get comfortable. There wasn’t enough space for his legs to stretch out. He kept kicking the back of my seat. Finally, I stepped out of the car, closing the door softly so I wouldn’t wake up Teresa. We had bonded these past few hours. I learned a few things about her that we had surprisingly in common.

I walked up the door to my apartment, and There was a note on the door. It was from Santos. It read, ” Stopped by your place to give you the information you wanted about Victoria. I left it on your kitchen table. -Santos”. I wasn’t too happy about being assigned a new partner after what happened with Vic, but Santos was a huge help, and I gave him credit for dealing with my issues.

I walked into my apartment to find the file on my kitchen table and the Chinese food I thought I would find on the counter next to my sink placed in the trash. I saw the mug that Rebecca used before she left. I regretted leaving our encounter the way I did. She didn’t deserve to die the way she did. I started to think back on how I viewed her body in the morgue; her arms and legs were pulled out of their sockets, bite marks around her face, and her right eye was pulled out; It dangled out of her eye socket. I brushed the images out of the front of my mind, getting back to what I needed to do. I walked into my bathroom and started the shower, turning it to the hot setting. I pulled off my blood-stained white t-shirt, throwing it to the ground. I slipped off my dirt-stained jeans and boots. I looked under my bandages where I was clawed by Victoria. It didn’t hurt anymore. I saw the black vines growing out of my wound, looked like they had seeped into my skin like a tattoo. Black vines ran down my arm. I could see a flower growing on one of the vines. My shoulder was healed, but my skin was scarred; three distinguished lines curved on my shoulder. I pulled down my underwear, throwing it onto my other dirty clothes with my foot.

I pulled the shower curtain open and climbed inside the mildew-stained tub. I brushed my black hair back and combed my hair, letting the water run through my hair for a few seconds. I scrubbed the dried blood off my shoulder. I stood under the hot water pouring out of the shower head, sighing in relief. Finally, I took a moment to catch my breath. Things were becoming stressful. I didn’t know what would happen; I felt like I wasn’t in control of my life. Like something supernatural was happening, I wasn’t prepared to defeat this monster, let alone by myself. I hovered my head over the water, allowing it to drip down my copper tan skin. I felt the water run down the curves of my spine. I felt calming sensations and goosebumps building.

Then a memory I have of Victoria, and I had together, right before the accident. I remember after we were done with a case involving a robbery on 3rd street. A bank teller and two civilians were killed during that heist. We finished the paperwork and decided to have drinks at my place to celebrate catching the thieves. I told her I wanted to take a shower first and let her wait in the living room while I cleaned up. Suddenly Victoria stood naked, pressed against my back. I felt her tantalizing breasts pressed against me. She held me from behind, massaging my stomach and chest. The water poured softly on her. I felt my cock hardening as I turned to face her. I looked down at her almond-brown eyes and ruby-red lips. I used my pointer and thumb to touch her lips, feeling the warmth from her breath. I then lightly touched the surface of her ass with my hand. It was soft and smooth, cool to the touch. Victoria reached down and stroked my cock, staring up at me seductively. The pressure kept building, pushing me over. I felt the warmness on my hands. Finally, I realized what had happened, Victoria had disappeared, and I was left with a mess in my hands. I washed away the cum from my hands and turned the water off. I overheard a commotion in the kitchen. It was Teresa and Gregory talking.

I hurried and dried off. I went to my bedroom. My hair was still dripping, and my towel was wrapped around my waist. I threw the towel on the bed and stood in front of my dresser, grabbing a pair of new boxer briefs. Suddenly Teresa walked in. I turned around, surprised by her invasion of my privacy. She then looked down, surprised by the sight of my naked body. Staring directly at my exposed cock.

“I am so sorry!” Teresa says, running out of my room, shutting the door behind her. She leaned on the door covering her face, embarrassed. She peeked behind her hands,” We can’t go! We got a call about another homicide related to our case. I’m sorry…again…” She said; as Gregory peaked out of the kitchen’s swinging doors, confused at what was going on, eating a piece of bread. ” Are you serious?” Teresa whispers to Gregory. Teresa walked over to Gregory shoving his head back into the kitchen, walking in with him. I heard the front door shut.

I sat down on my bed, ” another homicide?” I said as I felt my heart race, anxiety building. Victoria, what have you done?…


To be continued


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