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Grim Adventures-EVE Of Grim- Leilani Raven Katen

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Eve Of Grim-ChaptR 8 (PT3)

By Leilani Raven Katen

Warning! Adult Content! 18+

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Eve of Grim-Chapter Eight (Part Three)

By Leilani Raven Katen

Detective Roe (present day)

“Bullets don’t hurt them, not even the standard zombie killing,” shot to the head,” trick,” I whispered to Santos and Teresa. They looked around for some ideas while watching where the zombies were. The crowd was cleared out within a few minutes, thanks to Officer Charles. He made up the excuse that a bomb was in the room. Everyone quickly cleared the way, returning to their activities; at a safe distance, standing at the front of the gates, Candace Evergreen. I’ve seen that woman at every entrance of every crime scene. In each case, I have been on. She’s been at the police station, leaving messages for me to have a meet and greet. Interview, anything to get the scoop on things. These types of women annoyed me, specifically in the news industry. There are the good, the bad, and the thirsty. Candace seemed to be passed the borderline of thirst.

In heavy-duty gear, a few police officers were hidden around the hotel. They stayed near the zombies but out of sight. The zombies’ movements were short and jerking. They hissed and growled at the hair, sniffing spontaneously. Stains of blood covered the hallways of the hotel; Black vines grew up and down the walls. The savagely devoured maid, her intestines were caught in a door. Thrashing and jerking her neck, trying to free herself. Suddenly they seemed to automatically look toward the front of the hotel. They stood motionless, dazed.

I caught a woman’s silhouette from the corner of my eye, standing at the entrance of the hotel gates. Officer Charles stood with a few officers guarding the gates. The woman looked young: Ivory skin with short blonde hair. The woman wore a black bodycon dress with fishnet leggings, boots, red lipstick, and black eyeliner. She expressed boredom on her face. Finally, officer Charles stopped her as she tried to go through,” You can’t go in there, ma’am; it’s blocked off from the public…”. She spoke words I couldn’t hear to Officer Charles and the other Officers. Instantly, after she was let in. Officer Charles moved out of the woman’s way, and the other officers didn’t stop her either. Candace looked surprised as well. Candace tried to go through them as well, but they stopped her. She looked upset. I moved my eyes back to the zombies, keeping myself alert. The woman walked past a few tactical gear officers. Trying to stop her. The strange young woman’s expression didn’t change. She placed her hands up, and they returned to what they were doing before they saw her. Teresa saw where I was looking towards.

” Who is that? She is going to get hurt, or worse, killed. Why did they let her in…” Teresa says, huddling over the wall we were hiding behind. Looking back at the zombie standing nearby.

” I don’t know. But the woman said something to Officer Charles, and he let her come in”, interrupted by watching the strange woman walking up to a zombie. The zombie stayed frozen, and the woman’s facial expression didn’t change. Finally, she snapped her fingers, and the zombie dropped to the ground. Black smoke seeped out of its body, draining into the ground and leaving a black stain on the floor. Santos, Teresa, and I watched her, shocked by what she was capable of doing. Who was she? How was she able to do this? Were they zombies? Finally, she was facing where we hid. She snapped her fingers, and for the third time, the zombie dropped to the ground; strange black substances left the decomposed body. The woman looked around to see if there were any more zombies. She dusted off her hands, walked over the decaying flesh, and walked toward us. The other officers and we stood up from our hiding places. Teresa was about to stop and ask her a question, but she was instantly paralyzed. Everyone but I was frozen in place. A bird in the sky floated above me, stiff as a board. I looked down at my watch and saw that even time had stopped. The woman who destroyed all the zombies stood face to face, standing in front of me. She looked at me; her facial expression was the same; boredom.

“Hey…I’m Bridget…Bridget Bishop. Johnny Roe? I assume you are him, given you are immune to my magic?” Bridget says. She blinked her eyes slowly, waiting for a response. 

” What are you?” I asked, looking around, holding my gun in my hand. I can imagine she could do much more if she could destroy cannibalistic-decaying monsters with a snap of her finger.

“Are you Johnny Roe?” Bridget asked again. 

“Yes, I am Johnny Roe…What do you want from me?” I confirmed, annoyed.

” We are out of time. Let’s go…” She says, looking at her wristwatch. She Snapped and waved her hand up and then down. 

Before I could get the words,” Wait! and Stop!” within a second, she transported us deep into a forest. Vibrant lime green moss grew along the bark of the trees. Standing in front of us were three mysterious hooded women. 

A lantern hovered around them, lighting the dark and lush forest. The one in the middle-signaled Bridget that it was okay to leave; pointing her finger to the west; Bridget nodded, and she disappeared a second later. So, I was left in an unknown place with three anonymous strangers. I survived zombies. What else could go wrong? 

” Johnny Roe, we welcome you…” says one of the women. I couldn’t tell who spoke. They slowly removed their hoods, revealing three stunning and youthful women. The one in the middle was the tallest, with long black hair with a white streak in the front holding a long stick, red eyes, and a pointed nose; the one left of her had red hair, green eyes, and a long bow and arrow bag hooked around her shoulders. The third woman had blue eyes, the shortest and the smallest of the three holding a giant hammer over her shoulders.

“What am I doing here?” I asked, looking around, trying to figure out my escape plan. I looked around and noticed movement in the ground, yellow eyes all around me, coming out of the earth. Suddenly they all moved down underground. ” What was that?!” I pulled out my gun, pointing it at the women and then at the ground.

Suddenly I started to feel dizzy. The whole world was spinning. I dropped my gun. I kneeled on the ground, trying to find it. My eyes began to darken. I couldn’t move my body. I looked up, and all three of the women stood above me. I looked around, and the eyes peeking under the ground were long-eared creatures. There were too many to count, and I started losing consciousness. 

I awoke to find myself in a bed. I checked to see if my gun was with me. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Instead, there was a kitchen and a small fire pit. I stepped outside to find myself surrounded by vibrant green vegetation.

Checked my pockets for my cigarettes and didn’t find them either. I wasn’t confident I would die, but I was sure I would now, knowing I had no smokes.

Teresa Paragani 

” I don’t know where he is! he was standing next to me, then Detective Roe was gone…, it was like Detective Roe was there, and then he wasn’t. I didn’t see him walk away or be lifted.” So, I say, crossing my arms, trying to keep my cool. I was being interrogated by an agent from Homeland Security. Kenneth Reeve,

Suddenly Officer Charles comes into the interrogation room.

” There’s a woman here, with evidence about the hotel incident…Ms. Evergreen is waiting in the next room. The Homeland security agent looked determined to find out what evidence candace had with her about the incident back at the hotel. Even I was curious about how to explain what I saw and where Detective Roe was. I got a call from Gregory about everything that went on in the hospital and the morgue. None of the staff could explain the strange cannibalistic hallucination everyone seemed to share spontaneously. Black stained had dried, and as it dried, it floated up in the air like specs of blue pollen and disappeared. We stood around looking at each other like a prank had been played on us, and we never got an explanation to understand why. 

I walked into the room to find Kenneth standing in front of a tv with Candace, a man carrying a bag with a video camera hanging off his shoulder looked over her shoulder. They were looking at something on the screen. 

” Right…There! Did you see that?” shouted Candace, excited. Candace saw me looking at her, and images of our past shifted from the front of my thoughts. ” Teresa! come look…” Candace says, pointing at the screen. I brushed the feelings away and looked at what was playing on the TV.

I looked over Kenneth’s long-broad shoulders. He moved aside so I could see. ” What are we looking at?” I asked. The video was of a close-up of where we stood at the hotel on the second floor. The woman who walked into the hotel gates. Each zombie she walked up to and destroyed was filmed. You could see her snapping her fingers, decaying bodies falling to the ground, and a shadow of dark mist could be seen floating in the air. The last part of the video really surprised me. I could see myself calmly standing next to Detective Roe and watching the woman speak to him, but whenever I tried to remember what was said, my mind fogged like a bad hangover. I got a second long headache. After a few moments, Detective roe and the woman disappeared as if they were wiped from the screen.

Kenneth looked confused,” was this video edited?” He asked, rewinding it. 

Candace looked appalled by the question,” No, don’t you think I need more time to edit like that? Look at the data. Tell him, Frank, it’s the original tape. We took it out 15 minutes ago. After we woke up, or whatever the hell that was.”

Kenneth looked back at me, waiting for a response, but I had already explained my side. I didn’t know the answers to what was going on. So, I requested Candace loan the tape to me for a few hours so I could do more research. She agreed immediately. I finished a few paperwork and headed back to my apartment. I walked in and saw a message on the machine: Yuuri Andreyev. I pressed the play button, Yuuri’s voice was deep, and his Russian accent was heavy. I could hear electronic music playing in the background.

“dobroye utro, I have examined the sample you sent me and found one matching. It first showed up in 1803 by a priest-scientist. Priest Nicholes Vaughn. It was found in the Amazon jungle while exploring and spreading his religious messages. It does not say the location. I will have to hack into a few things and call you what I find. Much appreciation for the gift basket. My grandmother loves the little cheese squares and sweetened cream cheese spread you sent. Maybe we send you a pot of her famous Beef Stroganoff. The message ended with an angry woman yelling at Yurri and Yurri yelling back at the woman in their native tongue. The call was caught off, leaving me amused by their interaction. Yurri used to work for the bureau back in Moscow. 

I walked into my bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Realized the mess I was in. My hair looked like it needed to be washed, and my skin looked and felt sticky from my sweat from the past few days. I usually have time to wipe myself down with a wipe, but this case had me so busy that I rarely ever get bathroom breaks. So, after Detective Roe went missing, I was issued a stall, a mini break to collect myself. I removed my gun holster and badge and threw them on my bed, slipping off my clothes slowly, enjoying the moment. I let the cool air from my AC unit blow on my naked body. It felt nice to be able to just stand her, by myself.

I felt the air in between my legs. I felt the goosebumps build on my spine. My breasts perked up, and I felt the moisture build inside me. If only I could relieve myself. Suddenly a knock at my door. I quickly grabbed my towel, wrapping it around myself. I walked up, looking through the peephole. It was Kenneth. I opened the door and immediately jumped into his arms. I combed my hands through his black hair. I caressed his broad shoulders, then his chest. I moaned in his ears. My legs were wrapped around his waist, and I could feel his cock getting harder. My folds were drenched; Kenneth Carried me in, pushing me against the wall. My towel slipped off, exposing my alluring pink nipples. He looked at me with his brown almond eyes; his large, pointed nose nuzzled my nipple. I arched my back, biting my lips. Kenneth grabbed a handful of my tasteful breasts, nibbling softly, teasing me.

We began to kiss passionately, grinding slowly. Kenneth’s pants were wet from my creamy folds. ” Do it already! stop teasing me!”. I shouted, gripping his hips, pulling him closer to me. I wanted his cock in me so badly that I couldn’t take it anymore. Kenneth put me down, throwing the towel to the couch. He undresses in front of me, removing his shirt. I looked at the rippling muscles of his chest. Then Kenneth removed his pants and boxer briefs. As he pulled his boxers off, his cock bounced as it came out of his boxers. I needed to feel it in my hands. I grazed Kenneth’s thighs with my palm of hands, reaching up to his groin, slowly moving my hand up and down his shaft. Kenneth swoops me up. He carried me, gripping my buttocks. I felt a breeze come up and graze my anus. Then he sat me down on the back of the couch; Kenneth kneeled down at began to lick the region of my inner parts. The warm and tantalizing feelings went straight up to my head. I felt the sensation of feeling light-headed but minus the headache. Kenneth stops, pulling himself up from his knees. He seductively looked me in the eyes and wiped his mouth with his forearm. Suddenly he spat in his hand, making his stiffing rod wet. I couldn’t wait any longer; I spread my thighs, placing my feet on each of his hips. I used the strength in my legs to pull him closer. Kenneth smiled. 

” God, you’re so sexy…” He says, moving his cock to the entrance of my feminine lips. 

I slowly pushed myself against him, pushing him inside of me. ” No more talking…” I said, kissing his soft, tender mouth. Our mouths danced as our bodies thrust together. Pounding the walls of my insides, hitting the right spot. Suddenly I was pushed to the point of orgasming. I felt my body shudder and shake. My muscles gripped his hard cock. I sat in a puddle of my relief. 

Kenneth kissed me, moving his lips down to my neck. Then he turned me around,” now it’s my turn.” He declared as he pushed my belly on the back of the couch. I closed my legs tighter to help with the friction. Kenneth entered me, thrusting inside of me. Building the speed. I looked back at him. Showing him the pleasure, he was giving me. He exchanged the favor instantly; he pulled his cock out of me, then turned me around, spraying his white and creamy mess on my chest. I watched his eyes close, letting out a relieving sigh. 

I quickly grabbed a tissue from the box of tissues sitting on my coffee table. I wiped it away. I didn’t bother getting dressed. I was in the process of showering anyway. 

I lay on the floor, catching my breath. Kenneth followed in my steps, lying next to me. We were both looking up at the ceiling.

” Any new information on the case?” Kenneth asked, looking at me. Then, he grabbed my hand, kissing it gently.

” No… But I don’t think Candace is lying about the video being edited. There’s been a lot of unusual and unexplained events happening around us. But I can’t figure out why I can’t remember anything. I could have seen him walk down the stairs, maybe get into a car…I tried to remember, but my head hurts every time I tried to remember.”

Kenneth put my hand down, sitting up. Then, looking at me,” are you going to be, okay?” He said concerningly.

“Yeah, I need sleep…” I responded. We were interrupted by the phone ringing. I let it ring, going straight to voice mail. It read Gregory on the caller ID. 

Gregory Raymond Thomason (a few hours earlier)

” Hey, G man, how was your cave diving?” Asked Francis, My assistant. Francis lifted his head and wore glasses with different lenses attached to them. He had been sewing the stomach of a victim found mutilated, a 15-year-old white male; his nose was torn off, and each of his fingers was bitten off. The body parts missing from the bodies were hard to match up to the right owner, given their condition. He stood up from the computer chair. 

I sniffed the air and then back at Francis. Then, realizing the smell, I shook my head. I was about to lecture Francis about the rules of smoking marijuana in the building until I noticed the progress; I looked around and saw that Francis had completed thirteen bodies. Drained and cleaned, prepped for views of the family members. I brushed it off and accepted that his productivity was heightened, and they were not disabling his functions.

” Unfortunately, they were called away. There was another homicide at a hotel downtown.” So, I say, looking down at some paperwork lying on one of the metal beds. I grabbed my pen, signing my name on a few papers that needed to be signed. 

Francis looked sad,” another homicide? how many?” He asked, pulling his glasses off and placing them next to the sewed-up corpse.

“Three…” I responded, keeping my eyes on my computer screen. Then, a loud bang startled us both. I dropped my pen, looking down and then back at Francis. 

In the back of the morgue was a giant cooler with shelves that house multiple bodies. ” What was that? Should I go see what it is?” asked Francis. 

” That would be the sensible thing to do…” I said as a voice whispered in my ears. 

“Run…Gregory…Run!” said the voice. I hadn’t heard that voice in quite some time. 

Another loud bang sounded from the cooler. Suddenly multiple sounds of pounding came from the cooler. Then, unexpectedly, the doors slammed open, and the bodies of the dead rushed out. They pushed and clawed their way out. Francis was shocked by the sight that he didn’t move; I quickly grabbed his arm, pulling him to follow me, before he was tackled by an undead. Francis pulled a few metal beds in front of us as we pushed the mortuary entrance doors open, running as fast as we could. I looked around for a way out, finding a closet. I yelled to Francis, ” A closet up ahead!” I shouted to Francis, pointing the way. I pulled the door open, waiting for Francis; suddenly, he tripped over his flip-flops, falling to the ground. 

“Gregory, help me!” Francis yells, reaching his hand to me as an undead corpse bites his calf. Francis lets out a hollered pain cry as the cannibalistic dead corpse rips off his pinky toe. I quickly closed the closet door, locking it. I held the copper metal door handle. As the undead tried to push and pull the door open. Reaching into my pocket for my cellphone. I dialed Teresa Paragani’s number. It rang for a couple seconds. 

” I think we have a problem. I don’t know how long I can hold them off,” I whispered to Teresa. I could hear Francis screaming in agony, bone-cracking sounds outside the door. I listened to slurping sounds and moans, along with pounding on the door. I grasped the door handle with all my might.

Suddenly the gore sounds of Francis being devoured and the undead moans stopped. I heard bodies dropping to the ground. And then a knock at the door. ” Gregory? it’s me, Bridget…”. Said Bridget standing outside the closet. I revisited our memories together. Our long walks on the pond. During our peaceful yet silent walks, we both had a book. We could spend hours talking about literature and philosophy. The simplicity of life. Everyone is in such a hurry to be somewhere. 

“Bridget?” I asked, unsure if this was a dream or not. I opened the door, seeing the bodies of the undead scattered, with black residue staining the marble floors. 

I stood before Bridget and brushed her blonde hair around her right ear, cupping her cheek in my hand. ” It has been so long…” I expressed my longing for her touch as our foreheads connected. She hugged me tightly.

” I’m sorry I’m late…again. ” Bridget says, looking up at me. Her eyes were a bright yellow, with specks of green. She wrapped her small delicate hands around me. ” We need to get you out of here…This dimension isn’t safe…come with me…” Bridget said, revealing a grim truth of what was to come. 

I never questioned Bridget; she has always been truthful to me.

I remember the first day I met Bridget. It was April 5th, 1802. 


To be continued.

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