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Grim Adventures-EVE Of Grim- Leilani Raven Katen

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Chapter 8 (PT4&5)

Warning! Adult Content! Warning! 18+!

By Leilani Raven Katen


Eve Of Grim-Chapter Eight(Parts 4 & 5)

By Leilani Raven Katen




Detective Roe (In-Between)

I looked around to see if there was a path nearby that I could take. Suddenly a way opened up, shifting trees and its roots moved out of the way, creating a course. The first few minutes were a breeze, like I was taking a hike; Peaceful and serene, I enjoyed the smell of the greenery that surrounded us. I felt at ease. Suddenly without notice, I heard rustling from behind me. I stopped to see what it was. I realized the trail had ended where I stood, but luckily, there was a path in front of me. A voice suddenly whispered behind me,” Johnny…Help me…” It sounded like Vic. I kept walking. Victoria’s voice and the rustling behind me got louder, closer even. “Johnny, please! I need help!”. I turned around to find Victoria standing in front of me. Pale to the face, bruised in different parts of her body. She looked out of breath. 

“This isn’t real…” I said as I stepped back away from the thing that looked like Victoria. I tried to reach for my gun, forgetting someone had taken it. Instead, I looked around to see if there was a rock or thick stick I could use to protect myself, coming up behind me unexpectedly. “Johnny! You get back here! You listen to your mother! You are just like your father!” Shouted what sounded like my mother. I started to feel my anxiety build from my gut to my head. They continued to scream and cry out my name. I closed my eyes and took three long inhales and exhales. It became quiet again. They disappeared as if they were haunting ghosts. 

I continued my walk and stumbled upon a pile of bones. I wondered whose bones those belonged to. I looked ahead to see if I could find shelter and saw a cabin nearby. I quickly walked fast, quietly, in case there were threats. I hid behind a tree in front of the house and saw that there wasn’t anyone around. I then walked to the front door. I knocked, but no one came to the door. I turned the knob, which made a rusted squeaking noise. It was challenging to open. I had to give it a little push; dust particles swam in the air as I stumbled in, causing me to sneeze. Suddenly transparent younger versions of Victoria and Dillian and what looked like memories. 

Victoria pushed Dillian off her; Dillian looked frustrated. He quickly got up, kicking a chair nearby. “When are you going to let me in?” Dillian says, looking at Victoria. He continued,” What’s changed? Now that Johnny finally noticed you, I’m nothing now?” said Dillian agitated. 

“You are unbelievable! He apologized! Not that it matters to you. You and I have a history together, Dillian. I can’t forget about him like he didn’t exist, either. I’m still in love with Johnny. Us being here, without him knowing, isn’t right. So I had to lie to him”, Victoria said, walking over to the window. She continued,” I hate lying to him…Johnny thinks he caused the accident.” She expressed hugging herself. Victoria’s straight black hair ran down her back, just above her hips. Dillian embraced Victoria from behind, and the ghostly images shifted into a different time. This time, Victoria wore a military-inspired dress with broad shoulders, puffed sleeves, a masculine neckline, A-line skirt. It had minimal decorations on it. I was now featured in the image, dressed in a blue striped sack suit; my hair was slicked back with gel shining in the dim light from a lamp. A cigarette hung from my mouth. I sat on a couch with a glass of what looked like a dark brown liquor beverage. Victoria walked over to me and sat next to me. I watched what looked like myself look up from watching the ice swirl in my glass cup, clicking the glass as the ice spins. Memories of that time, flashbacks of old but what seemed like new. Newspapers and images of conversations with people from a time I once knew. Suddenly memories started to burn through what felt like a wall in my mind causing me endless days and nights of forgetfulness. But, sadly, I could now remember everything about Rebecca. Where I met her, how we ended up at my place. Rebecca ann Collins; 27 years old. Rebecca was an assistant of Rocky Ramson, the District attorney of California. The office she worked at was on Broadway.

Random small things, like how she smiled as she looked up at me while I overwhelmed her with pleasure. Moving in and out of her feminine folds. I could see an aura of energy coming off her body. Suddenly interrupted by a memory of my mother, she walked to a door in the back of the cabin. She turned the knob and walked in. After a few moments, she walked out, holding a wrapped baby in her arms. Looking down and admiring the sleeping infant. A couple walked out, embracing each other. The woman began to cry, ” Please take care of him…He’s a special boy…”, The couple left, and like a scene ending; my mother’s transparent image turned to smoke, and I was hit with a wave of intense pain, that traveled through my body. It felt like my body was splitting in half. First, my head, then my back, and lastly, my legs started warming, and a burning sensation overwhelmed me. Dropping to the ground. I screamed, letting the pain pass. Then, abruptly presented with an incredible feeling that started with my feet and traveled to the top of my head. I got up and noticed a black shadow attached to me. Like a light was shining on me, creating a permanent shadow. I walked forward, and the shadow moved forward. I looked up, and a fire had started. The cabin was nicely put together. Dust and trash weren’t there. A woman sat on one of the couches in front of the fireplace. I walked over, shadow tailing along. The woman was blonde with shoulder-length hair. She had a pointed nose, and her name suddenly revealed itself in one of my memories. ” Lilith,” I uttered the word, and she instantly looked up, smiling at me.

” Hello, Samael. My love…” Lilith says, smiling.

Memories of my past had awoken who I was; An archangel named Samael, fallen from heaven and servant of god to destroy all sinners. I understood who and why Victoria and Dillian were possessed. Adam and Eve were back for revenge. Images of a tree, a garden filled with vibrant green vegetation, and a serpent. 

Eve of Grim-Chapter Eight (Part 5)

Teresa Paragani (Present day)

I woke up to the scrapping sounds of someone cooking in the kitchen. I checked my watch and saw a quarter to seven; I recognized the smell of bacon in the air, which I hadn’t had since I lived with Joey back at our parent’s place. I left my room to find Kenneth had my apartment cleaned. Trash was thrown, laundry was put in a basket, and pizza boxes and old beer cans and bottles had been tucked in the corner next to the trash can. I walked into the kitchen to find Kenneth sitting at the table with a newspaper. For a moment, I thought I saw Joey…

“Hey, good morning. I made breakfast…Just the way you like. Lightly toasted bread, light butter with a side of scrambled eggs and two slices of crispy bacon.” Kenneth says, smiling. He continued to read the paper, casually turning the pages. Kenneth reminded me of an image of a dream I had as a child. I imagined a life of simplicity, a husband, and two kids; I would be a homemaker and cater to my husband. Make love every night as the children slept in the room next to ours. Occasionally wake up to check on them. Although that dream seemed untouchable at this point, was I finally given a chance to see what it would be like, not waking up alone? Taken care of, like Joey had done when our parents died. Or was this just a small getaway from the reality of my life? 

 Kenneth and I met while I was on a case in Texas a few years back; our investigation clashed, and I was working with him on catching a cyber-hacker stealing information from banks across the state. A body was found, linked to the supposed hacker, an investor from a tech company.

“I haven’t had a home-cooked meal in years,” I said, poking at the bacon with a fork. But, I continued,” Have you heard anything about Detective Roe?” I asked, taking tiny bits of my toast. What was Johnny doing over there?

Kenneth looked up from his paper and placed it on the table next to his half-eaten plate. “They found him. A cave diver found him at the entrance of that one cave. What’s that camp a few hours away from here?”. 

“Camp Eve…” I said, dropping the piece of toast on my plate, shocked.

“Yeah, that’s it! I got the call while you were sleeping. They took Detective Roe to the hospital. They said he looked banged up…” Kenneth says, sipping his coffee. 

I quickly got up, “I should probably go check on him. You can lock up, right?” I asked, walking back to my room. 

Kenneth followed behind me. “I could lock up, or you could stay, and we could have a little more fun?” He says, wrapping his arms around my waist. I could smell his after-shave. He pressed his groin up against my buttocks, grinding his engorged penis between the lining of my panties; his pants couldn’t hide the excitement growing within them. Kenneth moved his hands, sliding them inside the front of my panty. He pulled his hands out and licked his pointer and middle finger. I watched him the entire time, keeping my eyes on him finally. His hands went into my panties again, slowly moving his fingers between the slit of my pussy. I let out a moan and felt my body give into the arousal. 

” Just for a few minutes…” I said as I turned around, pushing him to the bed. I jumped on top of him, straddling his hips. I pulled his pants down, wrapping my lips around his throbbing cock. Moving my mouth up and down, feeling the pulsation of his growing excitement. Kenneth placed a hand on my head, pushing it up and down. We moved into a matching rhythmic dance. Releasing his swollen cock out of my mouth, I moved my panties to the side. I pushed my hips up and angled his cock to the entrance of my warm drenched pudenda. Suddenly I noticed something different about his eyes. His eyes were filled with moving clouds. I quickly jumped off and quickly grabbed my gun. Kenneth smiled, getting up. He walked towards me. I pulled the safety off my gun and pointed it at Kenneth, ” Don’t move! What the hell are you?!” I asked, shouting.

To be continued.

“To find your angels… Start trusting your inner voice and intuition Melanie Beckler
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