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Grim Adventures-EVE Of Grim- Leilani Raven Katen

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forest under clouds

Eve Of Grim-ChptR Nin3 (18+)

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Chapter Nine-“Now serving, Deadly Cream pies”







Adam left to deal with the witches. Starting the apocalypse required uninterrupted attention. A messaging raven hadn’t come by for a few moons and raised sunshine. Was he that upset with me? (Apocalypse?)                                                                                                                                          

Victoria. The mortal that shared space in this head, I wished I hadn’t been so bold to hop into this meat vessel without consuming her soul first. She was a lot stronger than her ancestors. But, weak and willing to obey, the darkness easily influenced their light. Yet, she dictated my every emotion as she scratched to get out. (You are the invader! This is my body! Get out!) I could feel my control over this flesh weaken.

A part of me wished Adam would let go of the past mistakes he and God agreed on. I’d hop into a fox or bear and live out my days peacefully. But, instead, Adam didn’t hear one complaint out of me when Adam ran off to the succubus demon whores—made of char and mold. Aggressively forced to watch him as he fucked them for 100 and thirty years. I counted each minute of Adam’s affairs, filling them with his burning seed. Then, one by one, they succumbed to his desires. Finally, I sat in the corner of the room, seated on a rocking chair in the darkness, my burning desire eating away to rip each one of their heads off as he drilled them with his strenuous pulsing cock. Anger fueled me; I screamed and stomped on the ground. I cupped my ears, trying to silence their bone-chilling orgasms. Adam thrusts his cock, in and out of her moist pussy. Adam pulled it in and out, pushing deeper and deeper, enjoying seeing his scepter covered in silk-black wetness. Finally, Adam gripped her poisonous plump ass in his hands, impaling the succubus to the wall. The succubus held on tightly to his waist, digging her blackened demon claws, puncturing the skin. 

Soon after, each one began to wither away; he consumed their demon energy each time. Finally, he pulled them all into a selfish and murderous pleasure fold. They all looked proud like they had won, and I had lost to their demonic presence. Adam knew I knew his plans—using them to gain more power. I envied them so much. They would melt away and be free from him. But I would forever be a prisoner. 

Finally, I watched their limp bodies walk out of the wooded cabin. Vibrant green moss covered the floors of the wooded bridge. A Black tar-like substance dripped out of their cunts. Body shaking. Once they reached the entrance of the cold-windy forest, bright green with feral glowing eyes pierced out from inside the scattered bushes. Their bodies crumbled as if they were soggy bread walking. They went deeper, bone-crunching, and their meat fell off them, dropping to the ground. First, her skin, then the muscles, seeping into the earthly floor. Then, finally, letting out an agonizing cry as if they were gasping for air. Bodily organs scattered the ground, turning into ash. The wind blew the rest of her powder-like remains. 

A part of me wished I had the chance to free myself from Adam. Perhaps, less weirdly and sadly, as I witnessed. But sadly, I am Stuck forever in this cycle, tied to him for eternity. I feel the exhaustion filling me with resentment toward God, Adam especially. Adam pressured me to uphold an expectation I could not fulfill because Lilith left a scar permanently itching Adam’s heart and refusing to follow Adam’s commands. Lilith ran away. I have not felt the sting of being second.

In contrast, I express my rebellious nature freely. But I wished I didn’t have to endure the guilt. So how did Lilith find the courage to run away? To choose herself and not fear the consequences?

I felt I had lost control of this meat suit. Of course, I possessed this mortal’s body, but why was I irrational and temperamental? I felt lost. (I’m still here) It seemed that a part of her had power hidden away. I smelled it. (Get out) I felt this longing to be free from the holds of Adam. Like I was caged. (This is my body. Get out) “Will you be quiet?! I’ll give your fucking body back when I’m done with it! Now shut up!” I yelled into the air. 

Left deep within a forest, I wondered what I would have to scavenge. I felt the hunger growing inside of me. (Get out! Get out!), Victoria pleaded, pounding her fists on the walls of her mind. I felt my powers weaken. I had to feed. Victoria was gaining her strength back. I couldn’t dominate this mortal soul with what energy I had. I tried an illusion—a life where she would have a perfect life with the archangel, to ease the torment of watching herself eat the flesh of these primates.

I was going to be trapped; then I was going to make the best of what powers I had in this time loop; the 1600s seemed too dull for me to handle. I looked around and saw a hill with an open field. Swiftly I flew overhead to see how much room I had to work with, to make a home suitable to my liking. I squinted my eyes and imagined a cozy two-story cabin, then a medium-sized estate covered in green moss and purple rose bushes in the front. “No. That would only cause more unwanted attention to me.” I said as I built back the two-story cabin and added a small garden with an assortment of berries and vegetation—a Herb section filled with Silvery gray leaves of salvia Officinalis, Artemisia vulgaris, and other organic ingredients. After I finished the tasks of the shapes of the cabin, I covered the windows in creeping vines and soft Forklet moss. Finally, I added sprouting mushroom pods, scattering them around as I liked. After finishing the cabin’s final touches, I quickly manifested a few undead gardeners, an undead chef, and a putrescent maid. They all limped and shuffled their decaying bodies over to me. The decaying zombie opened his mouth, holding a shovel in his right hand. Suddenly as he attempted to speak, his jaw fell to the ground. I let out a frustrated sigh as I helped the poor creature with his bodily mishap. I waved my hand in the air, and the piece of decaying bone and flesh floated up. A piercing, high-pitched snapping sounded as it snapped back on his face. 











Victoria looked up at the hollow dark walls of our mind. Her voice echoed off the walls. Victoria watched the waves of her voice pull in and out like waves, slowly fading away into the darkness. Images of the outside world flashed like transparent shapes, hollow on the inside. Like a light was being beamed on them for a few seconds and dimmed out.

 A door always appeared, welcoming a life I knew wasn’t real. Johnny held the doorknob calling out for me to come. I fought every urge to run to him, feel his warm and tender arms. Then, suddenly sound of people screaming echoed. Then, there were Slashing and growling repeated noises. Then, instantly, dropping to the ground and shooting images made of lightning bolts of what looked like a tape of a massacre played on a speaker. The screams continued to ring back and forth, circling me. 

“No! Please! Not my baby! Not my baby! No!” shouted the pleading voice. An infant cried as the mother begged for her child’s safety. Finally, the child was silenced by the sound of something tearing into its neck, wet choking, and agonizing cries echoing in my ears. I curled up, covering my ears as much as possible to stop hearing the cruel and murderous crime committed. I lay in the darkness with my knees tucked into my chest. I couldn’t hold it together. As the tear fell, I felt myself sinking into the floor, melting into the darkness. 





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  1. Well done 👍

    1. Thank you! Appreciate the feed back so much! 🥹❤️

      1. Welcome 😊stay blessed .

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  2. Demons and shared heads and witches and zombies and animal minds… it’s all a whirlwind of scary fun! (Oh, the poor baby!)

    1. Thanks for the read & comment! I am currently reading Dog Meat.

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