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Grim Adventures-EVE Of Grim- Leilani Raven Katen

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ALL Realms Paranormal & Spiritual Investigations


 ALL Realms Paranormal & Spiritual



Public, business, and Residential Paranormal investigations

Contact- Email; ALL.realms22@gmail.com

“Conducting Paranormal & Spiritual Investigations located in Iowa, with great communication and trust “.




Team Members

  • Aderyn: Owner/Lead Investigator
  • Lorien: Owner/Lead Investigator
  • Lucora: Owner/Operations
  • Torgeir: Part-time Investigator
  • Quasi: Part-time Investigator

About the team


Lucora: Owner/Operations

My friends are two very talented investigators and mediums; I have always been interested in the paranormal and in providing support and assistance. 

What would be more fun than helping out my friends and always being a part of something that can even waiver a genuine skeptic’s opinion, even if it is the small back-office part? 

Being that support to the team is a great feeling and always exhilarating to see what evidence of the paranormal they will get.





Lorien: Owner/Lead Investigator

“I can hear and see spirits; they have been there for as long as I can remember. As I matured, I started embracing my abilities to connect with the spirit world, including dipping into skepticism and disproving (or proving) myths.

My first experience as a clairvoyant was when I was four years old.

 A man lay beside me to soothe me to sleep on a particularly fussy night. 

I mentioned it to my dad and realized no one was there. At least not in the physical sense.”

Lorien has known to have the memory of an elephant by her loved ones. 

My memory is like a library of VHS tapes, walk-throughs of every day of my life from waking to sleeping.”

Lorien continues

“From there, the experiences grew. The one that stands out most is when I was ten years old. I had gotten up from watching t.v (Even though I was supposed to be sleeping) to get a glass of water. I saw a woman in a white nightgown, at last, from what I remember, standing at the bottom of the stairs. I panicked and ran back into my bedroom, slamming the door. The following day my father received the news that my great-grandmother had passed away. She was wearing a white nightgown.

These are some of the many experiences I’ve had. Including the haunted demonic house, Aderyn lived in when we were in high school using my abilities and technology and hoping for the best. I want to make this dream a reality with Aderyn and Lucora.”




Aderyn: Owner/Lead Investigator


“Unlike Lorien, I was not born with the gift of seeing or hearing spirits. I have, however, had far too many experiences with the paranormal to be anything but a believer.

What contributed to the inception of gaining my recent abilities was the car vs. semi accident.

 It was March 2014.

My girlfriend at the time and I were lucky to survive. However, a brush with death helped to ignite my abilities.

I met Lorien in Chemistry in high school. We had no idea we were related.

At the time, we became fast friends. We drifted apart during college but reconnected in 2018. We are closer than ever. Last year we found out we were related.

 It was through Lorien that Lucora and I met. Since we were close to Lorien, we decided to socialize at least. So, we became friends, and I went with Lorien to meet her in person last year in 2021, so it worked out well for all of us.

Many of my experiences came from when I was in high school. 

I lived in a house filled with dark energy that anyone who walked in could feel the weight of it. Lorien dreaded going inside when she visited me. Her abilities make it harder for her to enter places with overwhelming paranormal activities. The previous tenant’s son used to play with “the little girl who lived in the closet” (Located near the entrance to the attic). “

Other events recorded at the location.

  1. Full-body apparitions 
  2. Hearing voices
  3. Doors open
  4. Light fixtures fall on people 
  5. Shadow figures
  6. Physically attacked by these entities 

(Many can testify to witnessing these events.)

Aderyn adds

“One event stands out for me more than the rest. It happened to me. None of the other household members experienced this. It happened as I was walking down the stairs. My bedroom was in the basement. Nobody else was down there with me at the time. I heard footsteps come up behind me and began running up the stairs. I felt a breath on my ear and booked it up the rest of the stairs. Something told me I needed to get out of the attic immediately because whatever it was, it was not friendly.

We moved out of that house shortly after I started college. The house ended up catching fire in, of all places, the attic. The house was unoccupied at the time of the fire.

In ruling out mundane explanations, we cannot explain some things with ordinary reasoning. That house taught me that, which is why I want to become a paranormal investigator.

Using my abilities and technological equipment, I want to help prove (or disprove) hauntings and investigate some urban legends alongside Lorien and Lucora.

I get to make that a reality.”





Torgeir: Part-time Investigator


I’ve had experiences in the past that don’t quite add up in the physical world. For example, objects moved, different noises seemingly came out of nowhere, and even entities showed themselves through sight. Here’s a paranormal experience to help me explain better; here’s my otherworldly experience to help me explain better.

I was staying at my cousin’s house, I was fourteen. I was lying on my sleeping bag on the floor of Aderyn’s room. It was in the middle of the night; darkness surrounded me. Nevertheless, I felt a presence lingering around me in the form of a cold wave. As I opened my eyes, I saw a middle-aged woman in a white dress looking down at me at the bottom of where my feet were. I felt an overwhelming dread. I immediately covered my head up in one instance as if it would save me.

I waited about 5 minutes in eerie silence, trying to listen for any movement. When I peered back out from under my blanket, nothing was there. To this day, I struggle not to think about my perception of this entity and how I may have mistaken it. It was trying to communicate or show itself to me for a reason, and I’ll never know why.

This experience has made me believe that some of us have the gifted ability to communicate in different ways with paranormal entities. Furthermore, these experiences have pushed me to delve into the supernatural world to understand these happenings and explain them to people who may misinterpret them. Thus, I joined the squad! ALL Realms Paranormal & Spiritual investigates various supernatural occurrences at public and private sites.


My advice,

Be aware of your surroundings and the various happenings around you. We depend upon sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell to survive—our senses. So always keep an open mind but trust your gut. 

 Stay Spooky.








Buxton, Iowa


“The Lost Utopia”

Most coal mining communities are transitory due to the mining industry’s demands. However, that was not the case with Buxton, Iowa, a coal mining colony with a large black population that grew in southern Iowa at the beginning of the 20th Century.

In the 1890s, Ben Buxton, the President and principal stockholder of the Consolidation Coal Company and Northwestern Railroad of Chicago, Illinois, sent agents to the southern states to recruit black laborers to work in the coal mines of Iowa following strikes by white miners. Most of those recruits settled in the town of Buxton, founded by the company in 1895 to house the new arrivals. Most miners arrived from the Virginia and West Virginia coal mining regions.

At its peak in 1910, Buxton’s population was between eight and ten thousand people. Although Buxton has been “a black Utopia,” it was a multi-ethnic community throughout its history. Swedes, Slovaks, and Welsh immigrants were the most extensive European groups, although African Americans were by far the largest ethnic group in the town.

There was no overt segregation in Buxton. The Consolidated Coal Company treated blacks and whites equally in employment and housing. Schools were racially integrated and taught by black and white teachers.

Buxton’s most prominent early resident, E.A. Carter, the son of a black miner who arrived in the 1890s, became the first black graduate from the University of Iowa Medical College in 1907. Dr. Carter returned to Buxton, where he became an assistant chief surgeon for Consolidated Coal. In 1915 he was appointed top surgeon for the company.

African Americans born in Buxton remembered having scant knowledge of racial discrimination. Sue Williams, a former resident, remarked, “I never heard the word segregation or knew its meaning until I moved to Chicago.”

By the early 1920s, the decreasing demand for coal to power locomotives forced Consolidated Coal to close most of its nearby mines. Gradually residents left the town, and by 1927 Buxton had lost all of its residents.


Buxton Iowa Paranormal Investigation


EVP Evidence found  

(These pictures have been enhanced for better view of Orbs)



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