Grim Evening

Chapter Ten-Part One

Chapter Ten-Part One

Viewer discretion is advised (Trigger warning: Sexual abuse & Rape/adult content) 18+Mature audience only


Lilith/Johnny (Samael)
The fire, wavering bright light upon that familiar face I had not seen for some time. Like I awoke from a long slumber, it was like time hadn’t passed. Our past together illuminated my mind. Lilith stared into my eyes like she had finally found me. A gentle, sweet smile appeared on her face as I sat on the loveseat sofa across from her. “Hello, my queen,” I said, smiling. I walked up to Lilith as she sat curled under a blanket, kneeling in front of her.
” Samael, the great soul taker of man, the left hand of God. I have searched for you for so long. I thought I would never find you. But, after the witches removed the forgotten sheet over you that was placed by God, it was like being away from the ocean and finally feeling the breeze from the waves hit my cheeks and inhaling you, sensing you. The salty-sweet air. You had left, and now you are back.” Lilith Orated, embracing her hand to my right cheek. As her hand pressed against my face, I rapidly felt a returned energy filling me.
Finally, I felt whole again. Lilith, my other half. My queen, my bride. We gazed upon each other. A ravenous hunger to put my mouth on every part of Lilith’s body grew inside me. I picked out a strain of hair hanging off Lilith’s shoulder, golden silk threads between my middle and pointer fingertips. I caressed Lilith’s face, outlining the sharp edges of the curved lines of her eyes. Then, moving down to her chin, I lightly nuzzled her right cheek with my nose. Our lips lightly touched. Softly Lilith met my lips; I could taste sweet nectar from her lips; our tongues entwined. Our passion-building inside of each other. I picked Lilith up with ease. I realized I had gained super strength.
Suddenly Black spores evaporated out of my skin. Black-like tears trickled down from my eyelids. But Lilith didn’t pull away. I slowly pushed her off me, placing her back on the ground, “wait. Something is happening. I think we should stop.”
I said as I stepped back, wiping the tears and dusting the spores off. Lilith looked at the spores and black tears sliding down my face.
“It’s okay. It’s just the cleanse. You were given a purifying root because of the toxins from the forgotten cage. You’ll be fine. In fact, the sooner we consummate our reunion, the sooner you’ll detox.”
Lilith says, reassuring me that what was happening to me was completely normal.
The untold story of Lilith
After God created Adam.
Forced submitting to the whims of Adam. He only wanted her to be the submissive, docile wife inside and outside the bed.
Adam, pressed Lilith against the scratching and rough tree trunk. Demanding her to please him with her tender wet pussy. Then, aggressively shoved her head into the moss-covered bark.
Tears were streaming down her face as Adam told Lilith to put his dick in her mouth and informed her that if she bit him, he would kill her. Lilith begged him not to do that. Adam placed his arms around Lilith’s frail body in what might have been a tender embrace from a lover, but it was really his way of showing her who was in control and that She had no escape.
Adam forced Lilith onto her stomach. Lilith fought him, but he combated every move Lilith made and again issued a death threat if she didn’t comply with what he wanted, and finally, he proceeded to violate Lilith’s tight ass. Lilith continued crying through the entire invasion of her body. Adam pulled his softening cock and began to embrace Lilith. Adam must have gotten a second wind because he flipped Lilith onto her stomach and violated Lilith’s wet pussy. Adam commented on how this would benefit Lilith since she was so tight. Lilith’s tears continued to cascade, and Adam told her to stop crying. Adam told Lilith to just moan. She managed to get her throat to make pitiful moans that barely passed her tear-stained lips. After he had his way with her, Adam returned to cuddling with her shaking body. That was the first time Adam invaded Lilith’s body and awakened something inside of Lilith.
Lilith began to fight Adam. “I will not lie below!”. Lilith yells, pushing Adam away.
“I will not lie beneath you, but only on top. This is because you are fit only to be in the bottom position while I am in the superior one.” Adam says, staring down at Lilith.
Lilith responded, “We are equal to each other as much as we are both created from the earth,” Adam would not listen to her. When Lilith saw this, she pronounced her rebellion and flew away into the air.
Adam stood in prayer before his Creator. “The woman you gave me has run away!”. He cried out.
God then sends three Angels to bring her back.  
 “If she agreed to come back, what is made is good.
If not, she must permit One Hundred of her children to die every day”. God harshly pronounced.
The Angels left God and pursued Lilith, whom they overtook amid the sea, in the mighty waters where the Egyptians were destined to drown. They told her about God’s negotiations, but Lilith did not wish to return.
Instead, while trying to improve the marriage, she may have made requests of him that have been ignored. Finally, reaching the point where she decides to turn her back on the relationship with Adam due to frustration and disillusionment with her husband. 
They told her about God’s negotiations, but Lilith did not wish to return. Finally, furiously frustrated by her defiance, the angels declared, “We shall drown you in this sea!”.
 However, Lilith wanted more than what she was expected to do. 
 Strong women like Lilith are said to be challenging to love. But in all reality, it’s the complete opposite. Strong women are the best women to love. They are women with fierce compassion. They know who they are and are not afraid to embrace that. Lilith loves wholeheartedly because she loves herself. And she is looking to better herself, her partners, and the world.
So, if Adam was intimidated by a strong woman like Lilith, it is because he knew this woman would push him to be better, make him see the world differently, and challenge him, including GOD.I remember what Lilith had said to God before being cast into the Red Sea.
The truth about being a strong woman is that you see us as a threat. We’re just ‘too much,’ ‘too intimidating,’ too ‘jaded’ and ‘miserable’ and ‘bitter’. But we are none of those things. We are women with backbones. Women who aren’t afraid to be proud of ourselves in a world that might not always support us. Women who know the value of our vulnerability, our passion, our strength. And women who will fight any anonymous man who dares to say we should be any other way. 
Lilith was surrounded by flames, sitting, with her knees drawn to her chest, her chin resting on her knees, and her arms and hands wrapped around her legs. She sits; she doesn’t move. Lilith knew now was not the time to escape. There is nothing else she can do. Lilith had to endure. In flames, she must resist the temptation to jump out of the fire and not be burned. She must be burned. But the fire slowly strengthens her.
Lilith kindles the fire by adding new branches to the furnace to keep the flames burning.
 Lilith is kind to the fire.
 Lilith feels akin to it. 
Lilith stirs the ash. 
Maybe Lilith is reminded of things of beauty that were fashioned after being in the fire, beautiful crystal glass work, ornamental beads, clay pots, beautifully crafted and fired, made from the same substance as she. Slowly she feels that she is being forged and fashioned, that the fire is strengthening her.
Lilith feels purified by the fire. Perhaps she wonders if this is an alchemical process that takes a long time; furthermore, she knows not what lies in store for her. Lilith feels the absolute stillness of doing nothing, a dynamism. She senses the paradox in this, that stillness and movement somehow belong together even if they appear to be completely opposite.
She feels her blood quicken in some barely discernible way. Her frozen heart is melting. She feels a sharpening of wits while also a lessening of her previous bonds. She feels looser yet tighter at the same time. Her perceptions and attitude change. She sees that there is more. It seems to be out of her grasp but worthwhile reaching for and waiting for.
To be continued.


Published by Leilani Raven Katen

Leilani Raven Katen, born in Fort Rucker, Alabama. Growing up on the Island of Maui. Leilani has Written multiple Children books; The Nameless Girl & The Lonely Alligator, The Noisy Goat, The Dolly Witch Sisters. Leilani writes in numerous genres; Horror being her most favorite. She currently lives in San Diego, California.

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