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Grim Adventures-EVE Of Grim- Leilani Raven Katen

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Chapter Ten-P2(Adult content!)


Chapter Ten-Part Two – by Leilani Raven Katen







Teresa Paragani




Teresa was sitting in front of her tv with her remote in hand, drinking coffee and changing channels, when suddenly, she heard a news report from the Daily News report; Candace Evergreen stood in the front wearing a blue blazer and slim-fit black jeans, with her hair tied up in a ponytail.

“Joesph Kamron, a white supremacist who ran for public office in Alabama in a campaign to legalize child pornography, has died in custody, a U.S. Attorney has confirmed. U.S. prosecutors have confirmed that 46-year-old Joesph Kamron has died in prison on felony charges of child pornography and multiple assault charges against four teenagers, including a two-year-old. Court documents substantiating the criminal charges against Kamron were dismissed due to evidence being compromised.”, explained Candace as she moved in front of the reporters, pushing each other for a spot to ask their questions. I’m Candace evergreen, and you’re watching, The Snitch. On channel 13, “Candace says as she watches the Chief of police coming out of the courthouse. 

“And we’re out.” Called out the camera Technician.




Candance Evergreen




There was a slight breeze pulling in. 

It was a relief. It was eighty outside, but it felt like a hundred when the sun beamed on your body. Thought Candance dabbed a tissue to her brow, softly drying the sweat. She started to feel the perspiration build.

The Chief of police reached the podium. “Good morning, everyone. My fellow police officers and I would like to thank everyone who assisted in the investigation regarding Joesph Kamron. Addressing the assault victims and parents of the victims; During the first days of the case, we, unfortunately, fell behind. We weren’t on the ball of things. A few reports were before the tragic incident involving the infant child. For not acting sooner, we apologize. We promise to do everything we possibly can to assist the families who are healing and to do better in the future.”

“Chief?! Henry conner from channel Five. Can you explain more about the incident at the motel? Rumors are going around from numerous blogs of evidential sightings of monstrous figures.” Ask Henry, waiting for a response. The room of reporters quieted down. Candance was sure of what had happened. But was the government going to tell the truth to the public? Certainly not. Candace thought; anticipation filled her very bones. Candace fought the urge to shout at the Chief, “to hurry the fuck up.” Instead, she clutched her hand, forming a fist, gripping her microphone, and pointing it at the stiff neck officers. 

The Chief looked down at the stack of notes he had prepared. An officer stepped over and whispered a few words; the Chief nodded. “The incident a few days ago was nothing of the ordinary. I’m sorry, I don’t know enough to answer that. Thank you, everyone, that’ll be all.” He says, walking away and leading the officers back inside the courthouse. Every reporter began to shout questions over each other. “I wonder what happened?” Asked a reporter. “We didn’t even get our full interview!” Shouted another angered interviewer. Daniel Sanchez, from the Nightly reports radio show, looked over to see that Candance didn’t look as upset or disappointed. Her demeanor could easily be portrayed as suspicious confidence. It intrigued Daniel. Daniel noticed Candance and saw him looking at her. Daniel quickly turned his head towards his manager. Gale tapped Daniel’s tanned shoulder lightly, attempting to regain his attention and focus on their issue of having no insight to turn in.

Candance knew something was brewing, and she wanted to be the first to find out. Images of the tape recording flashed in the front of her mind—

One of the officers from the last group to leave spotted Candance. Officer Carter, from Utah. Carter trailed Candance’s body with his eyes. Images of what he imagined if he could explore her body filled his mind with pleasurable satisfaction. Candance’s lips enticed him the most. He wanted to know what her lips tasted like; Images of Candance’s lips wrapped around his blood-inflated cock excited him. What Candance didn’t know what that he had been watching her on TV for two years straight now. Timothy, aka Tim, was a certified stalker and panty sniffer. Two women had reported him but failed due to lack of evidence.




Two days ago



Tim always ensured he was at the coffee shop, the one on Main, at the same time Candance was so he could accidentally bump into her or watch her from afar. At the same time, Candance got her morning coffee. As Tim watched Candance talk on the phone while putting creamer in her coffee at the condiment store. He was smiling and laughing at what the person on the other line was saying to her. Tim fantasized about his life with her, where she was talking to him, laughing and smiling at him. But, most importantly, fucking him.

“Excuse me, young man, are you using this?” asked an elderly woman, holding up the sugar jar. Tim was too focused on Candance bending over to pick up the trash that fell off the counter. “Excuse me!” she shouts, waving her manicured hands. 

“What?!” Tim whispered, looking up at the annoyed woman holding the sugar. “Yeah, take it.” He said, shooing the woman away. As she walked away, he went back to watch Candance but realized she had left while he was dealing with the old broad. Tim quickly got up with his disposable coffee cup, rim stained with coffee. He drank what was left of his drink and threw it in the trash. Then, he stepped outside the coffee shop, accidentally bumping into someone walking past him.


“Sorry.” He says, still looking around to see if Candance is still nearby. Tim was disappointed; Candance had left. Without him.




Present hour



Candance began to place her equipment into the van. She looked disappointed but not surprised.

 Jeff, her camera technician assistant, was inside, packing the camera and other necessary filming tools, Jeff hated his job, but it paid well to support himself and his dog, Sam. Jeff was dealing with depression. Working for Candance Evergreen was difficult, given the tedious minuscule jobs; Five minutes to 3 hours surprise, 10 pm meetings. Bagel Runs and body wire checks. Checking if everything was connected was the only job he wanted to do. Jeff was a boob guy, and Candance Evergreen had the best breasts he’d ever seen. The growing pain of his depression was eating away at him, hitting the point to even suicidal thoughts were creeping in. Tim was planning his death. But the idea of leaving Sam and placing him in an animal shelter saddened him, diluting the suicidal thoughts like ice melting on the floor. One small inconvenient step and his sock would be soaked, bringing the deathly ideas back.

Suddenly, a loud uproar of screams alerted Jeff and Candance. They both looked at each other, concerned. Candance looked back and saw a circle of people looking down at the grown, screaming, “get off him!” and “What the fuck?!”. Then, a woman pushed her two-year-old son in a stroller out of the way. Then the mother unbuckled him out of his seat. Then, she gripped her child’s head and body and ran from the chaos to her nearby vehicle. People began to run away. Candace nudged Jeff to get out the handheld camera, which is lightweight and durable. That camera was explicitly used in wars filmed by Candace’s great-uncle. He had given it to her as a gift. He was teaching her how to clean and maintain it. She knew he would want her to use it. It was perfect, ensuring both safety and quality. While everyone was running opposite the chaotic situation, Candace had a mic in hand with Jeff filming as they got closer. Suddenly Candace is knocked down. Jeff tries to keep up but gets lost in a crowd of anxious teens with skateboards, videotaping the incident as they rode away from the danger that was occurring. Candace guarded herself as people rushed to get away. As it started to clear, making it easier to see what they were all running away from, she finally got a glimpse of what looked like a scene from a zombie movie.

A man was lying on the concrete floor of the sidewalk in front of a hotdog stand, a part of his face eaten, revealing details of his facial bone structure. He dangled down his face and eye, hanging out of its socket and bending down, chewing at the dead man’s intestines, blackened eyes with blood-stained clothes. The woman continued to nibble away at his body, then ripping the tendon of the dangled eye. The undead woman placed the eyeball in her mouth and began chewing it like a grape. Blood dripped down her chin and onto her flower-printed dress. Candace sees a tall man standing still amongst the anxious crowd, smiling. He wore a dark-colored suit with a tie—snakeskin cowboy boots.

The guy looked like a model who had just walked off the cover of a magazine cover, Candance thought. The gentlemen noticed Candace was watching him. Tipping his head to her, he began to walk into a crowd of shaken older women, watching the grotesque scene of cannibalistic behavior. Candance stood up, figuring out where Jeff was and seeing if the gentleman was still in view. Turning her head to the front and then back to where Jeff is. He instantly realized that the man was not visible. Police officers pulled into the street, broadcasting the urgency to clear the roads, and moved away from the area. At the sight of the loud announcement, the undead cannibal arms pushed herself off the decaying body, staring into the eyes of the witnesses’ disgust-filled faces and letting out a snarling growl, blood spraying out of her decaying mouth. Strange black substances poured out of her eyes and ears. The undead woman launched herself at the group of older women hurtling together, trying to protect their friend, who was seated in a wheelchair. Three tried holding the cannibal back with one of their canes. Unfortunately, the woman lost her grip and fell on one of her friends with a walker. Shouting at one another to get to the nearest store, the ravenous cannibal takes a massive bite of an older man proceeding to get up, ripping his throat out with her blood and blackened teeth. Screaming at the top of his lungs, he tried to pry the monster off his neck, but her tar-colored hands overpowered him. Then released him, causing him to transform. Candance watched as more and more undead zombies began to add up, surrounding her. 






Teresa Paragani



Teresa shook her head in disbelief. “Disgusting…” Teresa retorted. She continued to drink her coffee, not realizing a new guest had appeared sitting next to her. It was Gabriel.  

“Good morning, beautiful,” Gabriel says, announcing his presence and side-eyeing Teresa as he grins. Gabriel’s eyes clouded with swirls of white smoke. 

Startling Teresa, she let out a scream grasping the pillow while holding on to her coffee mug steady. Teresa spilled a little bit of her coffee on her white pajama shirt. “What the fuck! Can you use the door like a normal person?!” She shouted, looking at the stained shirt and back at Gabriel. She places her mug on the coffee table, then Teresa stands up from the couch, pulling off her stained-white T-shirt. 

Teresa walks away from Gabriel, “I just want one day of normality!” Teresa declared, throwing the dirty shirt off his head, and walking back to her bedroom. Teresa embraced her breasts, hiding them with her hands. Gabriel smiled under the shirt. 

Gabriel slipped the shirt off and placed it over the arm of the couch. Looking back to watch Teresa walk away. “I would, but then I would never have these wonderfully godly moments with you,” Gabriel admitted, keeping Teresa under close observation. Especially her well-rounded soft buttocks. Gabriel was fascinated with the female body. He thought women were the most interesting. He loved to watch them sleep. Teresa didn’t know it, Yet. But Gabriel was in love with her. Even her broken parts. He watched over her as she slept soundly. Watching her breath as her chest moved up and down slowly under the covers. Gabriel lay up against the back of the couch, watching as she tippy-toed to reach for another folded white T-shirt on the top of the closet’s shelves. Gabriel appeared behind Teresa, placing a hand on her right hip, catching her before she fell into her wardrobe. Teresa’s heart began to race. Gabriel knew what effects he had on her. But he refused to abuse it, therefore stepping back and letting her steady herself. 

Teresa seemed surprised at how gentle Gabriel was towards her. She wanted him, this thing that was only known as a myth since she was five when she learned the words of God. Gabriel waited for Teresa to make a move or walk away. But Teresa just stood there, staring into gray clouds. Then, finally, she reached up to Gabriel, brushing his face with the palm of her hand. “What’s it like, possessing a body? Is it like putting on a new shirt?” Teresa asked, still staring into Gabriel’s eyes. 

Gabriel mimicd teresa. Placing his hands on her cheek, his hands moved to her shoulders, then down to her waist. “One would think it was that simple, but no. It would take years for your kind to understand the process of possessing an earthly body. First, you see, I must ask for permission to enter. If a body is taken without consent, the soul becomes marked. It is marked forever. And forever a slave to that body, decaying and all. Once the body decomposes to its very last breath and bone, the soul turns to dust. Only the ones made from gods hands can possess different bodies and not ask for permission. 

Teresa reached up, wrapping her arms around Gabriel. “Kiss me.” She demanded. Gabriel does as she requested, still holding on to her hips. He pulled her closer to his body. Teresa could feel the warm heat coming radiating off of Gabriel. Raising light kisses on her lips, Teresa gave Gabriel the lead, allowing him to move her as needed. She wanted him, and she hated it. Gabriel pulled her naked breasts into his chest. She was letting out a soft moan as her arousal began to grow. Silk threads of wetness leaked out of her delicate pink folds. Gabriel reached for the sides of her lace panty, sliding them down to the ground. His hands stayed on Teresa’s body the whole time. Gabriel lifted his shirt off, throwing it onto the floor. Teresa gazed down at his firm and masculine frame.

As Gabriel unbuttoned his pants, Teresa reached out and stopped him. Then Gabriel moved his hands out of the way so she could remove his pants. Teresa pulled the rest of his clothing off and threw them onto his shirt. Engorged and swollen as ever, Gabriel’s bulging cock stood at attention for Teresa. Presenting itself, willing to endure the torturous pleasure of her inner feminine pudendum. They both massaged each other sensually; Gabriel caressed her soft hips, underlining the ridges on Teresa’s pelvic bone. Finally, Gabriel took Teresa’s hand and led her to the bed. Gabriel placed two fingers together, and, with a swift motion, Teresa lifted in the air.

Teresa let Gabriel do as he wished to her. She was releasing all control, leaning her head back as she hovered in the air. Gabriel gently waved her thighs open, exposing her wet and juicy cunt. Gabriel blew lightly, and a cooling sensation hit Teresa’s pussy. The feeling traveled up her back, making Teresa arch her spine. A warm feeling surrounded Teresa like she had been wrapped in a blanket that just came out of the dryer. Her arousal heightened and became so willing that her eyes begged for his touch. For his tongue to explore her folds. Gabriel knew she was ready for him; his feelings were mutual. Gabriel kept Teresa in the air as he floated closer to her. They levitated, embracing each other with their tongues and lips pressed together.

Gabriels’ throbbing cock, rubbed the outside of Teresa’s opening wet feminine folds. Using the moisture for an elegant and easy way to grind up and down the outside of her warm, pulsating pudendum. The stimulation from his veined rod. ” Put it in!” Teresa begged. Pulling Gabriel closer enough, one inward motion from Gabriel and his cock would enter the warm silk cuff, sweet and tantalizing intimate folds. Gabriel softly pushed his cock inside of her. Gasping from the feeling of immense pleasure inside her abdomen. Unable to resist, she moved closer, so Gabriel’s cock went deeper inside her, Filling her. Gabriel grabbed one of Teresa’s breasts and began to lick and suck her pink supple nipple. Smacking noises vibrated into Teresa’s ears. She felt the pleasure building inside of her.

Wet and sloshing noises continued as Gabriel slammed his pulsating rod inside of her, over and over. Silk dripped out of her and down her inner thigh. Gabriel began to thrust harder inside, up and down, swirling thrust. Pushing her harder over the edge of torturous pleasure. Redness formed on Teresa’s cheeks as she erupted from the inside, releasing a flow of feminine ejaculation. Teresa’s legs shook uncontrollably as Gabriel kept pounding away as if he was drenching through forceful water from a river. Gabriel could feel he was getting closer; he didn’t realize he was gripping her hips until she signaled, she was hurting by tapping his hands to loosen his grip. Teresa let out a peal of giggling laughter. Teresa watched as this angelic being filled her with white sticky, milky fluid. A white light suddenly forms around them, and black wings stretch from Gabriel’s back. Teresa stared into the brightly lit eyes of the angelic piece of art, filling her pussy up. 

Black Wings expanded before her. She was surprised to have enjoyed the warmth dripping down and out of her pussy. They both floated around a white orb. He placed his arms around her, flipping her onto his chest. Wings lightly flapping, keeping them afloat. They both uttered the exact words at the same time. “Wow…” They said, laughing as they slowly closed their eyes, falling fast asleep in each other’s embrace.




To be continued.


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  1. A dark and hot story, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day!

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