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Grim Adventures-EVE Of Grim- Leilani Raven Katen

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Introducing, The Cursed Sisters

By Leilani Raven katen

The warriors of consequence

Deformed faces, crooked smiles. Their scarred bodies from being burned and rope markings around their necks.

The cursed sisters; Ada, yuyi and Ferah.

Ada is the muscular brute of a gal. She had large shoulders, her chest puffed out, and her shoulders pointed up to the sky, her hunchback weighing her body down as if she were carrying a boulder. Her father was an ogre.

Yuyi was the quiet one. Her mouth was sewed shut with Thick black rope. Yuyi was a silent killer. Soft on her feet, fast. Yuyi could hear like a dog. Heightened hearing and fast hands. Her father was a cultist who impregnated Yuyi and her other blood sisters when she was alive. Lilith managed to bring her children back but was only allowed seasonal visits from them. The roots of the in-between weren’t strong enough to hold them. Yuyi got revenge and slaughtered her father in his sleep when Lilith brought her back. Lilith didn’t feel that she needed punishment. She did advise killings to be purposeful and never out of emotions. Death was a job, never for pleasure.

Lastly, Farah, the viper. Farah was half serpent, half human. Her mother was raped by a demon possessing a snake. The devil had his fun, leaving Farah’s mother filled and violated. Nine months later, Farah was born. She could transform back and forth from Demi’s serpent goddess and human form. Except in the full moon. When Farah left her mother’s care to be a servant to Lilith and her cause, she promised to send heads of snakes to her mother to eat. Ferah’s mother smiled and waved her goodbye.

Lilith commanded the cursed sisters to the earthly realm. They were to place seals around the earth to kill the demons spawning from out of hell.

They gladly took the job, and they were honored to be chosen.

Lilith commanding her army of warrior women
Sharpening their weapons
A ground spiderling queen

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