Dear Anyone,

(The story is true, the peoples names were sealed for privacy.)

If you happen to stumble upon this and you think, oh it might be one of those blog posts where I tell you about my mundane day and express the disappointments and triumphs of the day. But I won’t bore you with that.

I want to tell you a story. A story about the time I questioned god. You see at the time I was 16, I had felt God had left me. I had endured some really terrible things. Things I wish to not write about here, maybe later.

We are going to go back in time when I was friends with T; In the summer of 2008. T was a blonde girl, who lived in one of end trailers of the trailer park near the duplex I was moved to. I was invited over to sleep over and our activities were listed as such;dirt-bikes and drinking.

We arrived and I was excited to ride. I was given a four wheeler. I followed the instructions and we were off. The way it shook between my legs and as I gripped the steering. I was ready.

And that’s where things turned for what seems like a miracle. I was on the path, tagging behind T and her boyfriend. They were leading me into areas with scattered piles of boulders and open dirt pits carved in with the prints of dirt bike wheels. I hadn’t been looking and i suddenly heard shouting, T was shouting. “Watch out!” t yells from a far. I looked at where she had been warning me about and I panicked.

That day, I was wearing a pendant necklace with a star symbol on it. It had a black filling and the edges of the star points were sharp. Suddenly as I was about to smash into a giant boulder, the four wheeler died, as if some had turned the key off. And most importantly the necklace I was wearing, lifted up as though someone was holding on to it, pulling it away from me. As I stayed there quietly watching my necklace float in the air, the pressure from the necklace tugging at my neck, instantly snapped and the necklace disappeared.

I can’t explain what happened but this was the first time I knew someone or something was watching me. That was the summer of 2008.

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