Dear anyone,

The weekend was very relaxing. I attend to my plants and I found a slug!. It was so cute. I really don’t want to kill him because what if he’s just trying to live a chill slug life?. Mr snugglebites, aka the snail I found in my jade. Is getting huge!. I named him after tiny Tina’s stuffed animal, from borderlands.

I’ve been taking my weekends very serious. When I have a time or day where I can just sit and relax, meditate on my thoughts. What hopes I have if the future. I just love that. Being able to really figure out what you want out of this one life. How exciting.

What I am planting is what I plan to harvest in the future. It’s not a hobby, we’ll… it kinda is but not. I am trying to plan for the future because prices are going up and honestly it feels like being alive cost more than a funeral. Super dark very fast but it’s true. Why is everything so damn expensive?.

I love that we are finally taking therapy and mental health more seriously though. That’s one thing I’ve noticed, is the amount of therapy commercials I see in tv.

There’s also an article about these scientists that figured out how to make baking soda out of the carbon oxide in the air. That could really save the planet!. I’ve been watching what I buy. I’m always trying to see what new products come out and what things would help for the planet. Hence why I started growing my own food; squash, snap peas, pineapple sage, tomatoes, dragon fruit(red) and many more.

How are you helping out the planet?.

Drop a comment down below and let me know. I’m always up for new products as well so if you have a product to recommend also put it in the comments.


Leilani Raven Katen

3 responses to “Dear anyone,”

  1. Had no idea about the baking soda thing! Learn something new every day, thank you. You are a very nice person, the slug story is very touching. Heh. I really liked it. I would do that too. I used to try and save caterpillars that I thought might die during cold weather, One turned into a butterfly once, or at least I think it did. I was watching it, it lived by old rabbit hutch, probably just me being silly and the not the same one, but I liked to think it was.. Have a good night, thank you for sharing this, it was fun to read.

    1. Hey 😌

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my day!. I’m so excited to know more of how, because if it’s something that could be made for long term effects and progression to cleaning out planet. I’m in!.

      I honestly don’t know how else to socialize. I guess it’s about finding those who accept over sharing. The fact that you hoped for the best for the creature, makes me have faith in humanity 🙏🏼

      Goodnight. 🌙 have a great week!.

      1. I am glad I made my smile. I am learning how to interact with people better through talking online. I used to be a very big jerk, and I am in the process of trying to revamp..heh…. my life.

        I always root for the under dog… or in this case under bug?

        Good night to you, too. Keep your head up, there are good people out there too, or I am trying now anyway.

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