Dear Anyone,

I made the most delicious lemon bars, and it literally felt like I was having sex in my own mouth!. Haha I was telling my husband about it and he just cracked up when I expressed the similarities of sex and my lemon bars!. 😫 they are so good! I like to make them extra crispy on the side!. Look at that delicious piece of lemon goodness!

Moving on…

So yesterday I didn’t get a lot done because management was sick and frankly I wasn’t feeling much energized, I got to read a ton to my baby girl and she slept on her nap times but boy does she like to wake up early.

Found this humongous beetle the other day, while checking the mail.

So cute!.

Rip to Mr snugglebites, he was sadly eaten by a farrow this morning!. I really hoped he could survive but there’s way too many of them hiding in the bushes in front of my plant stand. Poor guy. He will be missed. I told my husband and demanded we hold a funeral but he sadly couldn’t make it by noon. The demanding time of the said funeral we would hold for a minute. He did ask for an option to come virtual and I just thought it was selfish. We bonded with Mr snugglebites. He ate 5 leaves of my pineapple sage. He listened quietly as I ranted about how I manage my time checking in on the little hungry boy…or girl. Jokes aside…

Honestly I think I need more adult friends. Lol 😅

It’s very hard to make friends as an adult because of the kids and my career. House duties and tantrums, self care and feeding faces, finding a jacket or keys. I completely understand why women aren’t marrying and not having kids. It’s hard work.

The positives about my week is that I’m finally able to really prioritize my life. It really makes a difference to let go of things that don’t serve me. I’ve gone down so many paths, hoping for some sort of revaluation, change or progress. And I avoided the one thing that chained me to a block of self sabotage. I faced the music and continued the show. Making it impossible for any outside opinion to dictate how are I go.

I think I need a nap, we’ll touch back later.

Leilani Raven Katen

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