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  • Dear Anyone,

    This is hope, he’s recovering from root rot. He first came to us bruised and sick. His roots for deeply cut and hope just fell apart in my hands. Hope was addicted to bath salts. It was tragic. Hope questioned his surroundings but with simple rearranging he found his place and a few friends. His…

  • Sir P

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  • Dear Anyone,

    Today was really good. I feel like I finally have a routine that works for everyone. I cleared up everything so it was less cluttered. It felt good to finally be at that moment of grace. I feel like there are many ways to relaxing but cleaning can have so much joy if you want…

  • Dear Anyone,

    We are talking about sexual topics today. If you aren’t interested in that, then leave! I love you, but leave. Shall we begin with a story? 😏 Listen before I tell you all of my dirty secrets please be respectful and keep an open mind. You’ve made it this far as to read this and…

  • Dear anyone,

    I came in here, because I really needed to start connecting with more people. Especially people like you. Reading this right now, possibly in a different time zone. I think the best way to really connect with others, is to discuss topics that are complicated. For me talking about religion really makes me uncomfortable. Like…

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Leilani Raven Katen is a young Filipino/American writer, growing up on the Island of Maui and then moving to the state of Iowa. She learned the importance of diversity, allowing her a more colorful life experience. With the experience of learning about different cultures and traditions; Leilani grew to know the world was not in black and white, but in all shades of color. Her imagination that influences her writing due to her complex background makes for endless possibilities. Leilani has a bachelor’s degree in English literature.

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I cannot begin to express the positive impact this woman has had on me. It has empowered me to step out of my comfort zone, pursue my dreams, and cultivate a mindset of growth and resilience. Through the stories shared on this blog, I’ve learned that failure is not the end but rather a steppingstone to success.

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Dear Anyone,

Dear Reader,

When it comes to making a lasting impression during a first meeting, I find it challenging. As a writer, I become introverted and fully immerse myself in the creative process, which can make social situations difficult.

Lately, I have been considering writing another zombie thriller, but with a twist. Instead of the typical post-apocalyptic setting, I want to set the scene in a more savaged land, such as the Congo, and mix in privileged tourists to add an interesting dynamic.

For those who enjoy romance, I also have a teenage love story in mind. The plot centers around the tragic death of the protagonist’s father, who chokes on a piece of food known as greed. Meanwhile, a hotel owner and investor acquires a business that houses dangerous diseases and unleashes a deadly virus, adding a sense of urgency to the story. Despite these unsettling occurrences, spring break will still be enjoyable for young couples and fellow revelers.

The leading female in the story is not related to the father who dies a horrible death, but rather the girlfriend of the boy whose father passes away. As they get escorted to their hotel rooms, the scene is set for some spicy make-out scenes, dramatic scenes of jealousy, and a captivating plotline.

As a writer, I am excited to craft this story and hope it brings as much joy to others as it does to me. I possess a writer’s ego, which exudes confidence and sincerity, and I am open to writing in any genre as long as it encompasses a well-crafted plotline.

Recently, I watched the movie Bad Santa, and unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it. While the character development was decent, the movie’s attempt at conveying important messages fell short and came across as unrealistic.

On a personal note, I have been doing a lot of cleaning up since Nyx passed away. It’s as if she took something from me, and I no longer feel weighed down. However, I find myself feeling depressed, which is strange. Shouldn’t the sense of relief be a good thing? Yet, I am managing to stay productive and continue writing.

I am looking forward to a much-needed break and will be heading to Oahu, Hawaii, on the 13th for a private wedding. I hope to distract myself from my sad vibes and come back with some tremendous stories to share.

Wishing you a great weekend.

Leilani Raven Katen

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