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The Fox with the Heart of Gold

By Leilani Raven Katen



Once upon a time,



a sly and cunning fox lived in the forest.

Unlike most foxes, however, this one had a heart of gold.

He was always willing to lend a helping paw to those in need and never asked for anything in return.

His kind nature made him well-liked by all the animals in the forest, even those who would generally be his prey.

Despite his reputation as a trickster, the fox with the heart of gold was known for his honesty and fairness.

He always played by the rules and never cheated or lied to get ahead.

As a result, he was respected by all who knew him. One day, the fox heard that a group of travelers had become lost in the forest. He set out to find and guide them back to safety without hesitation.

The journey was difficult, but the fox’s determination and kindness kept them going. Ultimately, they were all rescued, and the fox was a hero.


From that day forward, the fox with the heart of gold was even more beloved by his fellow forest creatures.


The End


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Thanks for reading, and stay blessed.

Always Leilani Raven Katen


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Leilani Raven Katen is a young Filipino/American writer, growing up on the Island of Maui and then moving to the state of Iowa. She learned the importance of diversity, allowing her a more colorful life experience. With the experience of learning about different cultures and traditions; Leilani grew to know the world was not in black and white, but in all shades of color. Her imagination that influences her writing due to her complex background makes for endless possibilities. Leilani has a bachelor’s degree in English literature. Now living full time in Iowa, with her two kids, two cats, a dog and her husband.

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